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Gertrude & The King

Why choose Barefoot Shoes?

Gertrude and the King shoes are designed to mimic bare feet and allow babies and toddlers to improve their balance as well as strengthen all of those tiny muscles and toes. If you have ever seen a baby or toddler tumble whilst learning to walk, you know that those first steps are pretty difficult for them!

 A firmer sole with minimal flexibility can interfere with all the hard work little feet need to do to establish their crawling or walking (and mastering their run!) This means that an ill fitting shoe early on, can do serious long term damage to feet. If they can’t really feel the ground, they struggle to use their toes to grip and they can’t distribute their weight evenly, hence the robot dance you may have seen a toddler do before when wearing a clunky shoe!


Recommended by Paediatricians & Podiatrists, soft sole shoes allow little baby and toddler feet to really feel the ground and start walking confidently – faster!