What are the benefits of Black & White Books?

There is no moment more special in a parents life than looking down into your baby's beautiful, shining eyes for the very first time.

When their little eyes lock onto yours, you feel an undeniable connection knowing this tiny little thing is a part of you. But many parents wonder, just how much can their baby see?

Did you know?

In their first three months, babies can focus on objects that are around 20-30cm away. This is around the distance from their parents' face while nursing or feeding.

Even when a baby seems idle, they aren't! New learning is happening all the time. New synapses are constantly being formed in this important period of rapid brain growth.

This miraculous process needs your support.

This is where black and white books come in. It is believed that black, white and grey are the first colours a newborn will see with red being recognised after a few weeks old.

Appropriate visual stimulation is the best way to extend tummy time and teach eye muscles and the brain to coordinate and function. Despite the blurry world around them, babies immature vision is stimulated by black and white images, which, in turn sends strong signals to the brain aiding in faster development of their brain and vision.

"Bold black-and-white images stimulate the development of the optic nerves and encourage young babies cognitive development without over-stimulating them."

Developmental Psychologist Dr. Dana Erhard-Weiss.

It is never to early to introduce books to your baby, why not use them during tummy time. Either prop a book standing open in front of your bub so that their neck muscles have some training, then try laying the open book in front of them to practice holding their head while looking downward. Explain to your baby what the pictures are, they love hearing your soothing voice and this will benefit their language development as well.

Our range of Black and White Books are the perfect choice for your young baby. They feature high contrast images designed to boost brain and cognitive development. Made from 100% natural cotton and filled with plump hypoallergenic natural corn fibre. These books are soft and safe for babies to explore with eyes, fists and mouths. Oh and don't worry, they are also machine washable.

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